The aim of our school is to create a secure and happy environment in which the children develop their individual capabilities as fully as possible. Particular attention is paid to the steady growth of intellectual skills, aesthetic awareness, physical dexterity and moral and social attitudes.
Under these circumstances, we believe that we offer our pupils an excellent opportunity to grow to, a full understanding of the need to work hard to develop their own potential while also ,learn how to adapt to the diversity of the world around them by engendering and developing an understanding and love for Greece and Greek ideals.
You can also read and download a copy suitable for printing of our “Guideline for Parents”.


Our purpose is to provide a first-class education, fostering abilities both in the field of academic and general education, and in sporting activities and the performing arts. It is the school’s intention to educate the whole person in the hope of developing responsible citizens of the world of good character.



On our premises, there is a cafeteria, which is open during the recess and offers snacks at both recess breaks. Prices range from € 0.60 to € 1.60. However, please feel free to pack a healthy snack for your child.



Our staff has been educated in colleges and universities in the U.S.A. and in English spoken countries. They demonstrate a good understanding of American-style curriculum and instructional practices.


In today's society, information and knowledge society it is necessary to develop integrated personalities through a school environment that provides standard education, shapes powerful characters who have the ability to express and argue, and creates educated and socially sensitive citizens. At Theodoropoulou Schools we aim to:

  • to offer our students a standard education through an upgraded and integrated curriculum beyond the official state.
  • to convey such values ​​to our students so that they face the future with optimism
  • to cultivate free critical thinking so that our students can produce and become citizens in the new European reality.


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