Thank you for everything!

December 2021

Dear Gina!

Dear Christin,

Dear Manolis,

Dear Athina,

Dear Maria,

Dear Helen

And all the school family!

There are no words that can convey the degree of our gratitude for everything that you are doing for Damir, for his future, for our entire family.
There are no words that can describe the amount of attention, care, and love we all constantly feel.
Thank you very much for what he knows, can do, for what he wants to know, and wants to learn!


We cried with pride when we heard his report at a scientific conference and saw his presentation. 

The organizer of the conference was simply speechless and said that he was the main pearl of the scientific conference on innovative technologies in education. 

He was asked questions o_O


- Why did you decide to take part in this conference?

- When I saw the topic of the conference, I realized that I have something to say. I love my school and am very proud of my school. And I am sure that the professionalism of my teachers, which is based on a great love for children, made me who I am. I wanted to tell you about our school and, perhaps, this experience will be interesting to someone. And it will be useful for me to apply the soft skills acquired in the learning process.

- How did the school react to the fact that you are participating in a scientific conference?

- Of course, as in any other situation, everyone supported me. I got a very important and useful experience, they gave me a lot of valuable advice. And I enjoyed this job. This showed me once again what a high level of professionals I was lucky to get at school.


- Weren't you afraid of the fact that you are the only schoolboy among high-level scientists, not only submitted a publication but also made such a brilliant report?

- I never doubted or worried because I was taught all these skills from the first days at school and I got used to being surrounded by friendly people who will always support and help to cope with any task and challenge. And so it happened. It was great to discuss everything with Christine, my teacher and co-author. I received important help, much benefit, and a lot of sincere respect.


!!!!! Can you imagine???

He was told that his presentation and story about his school is a beacon that shows what they should all strive for. They asked him to send his presentation to show others how to prepare for a performance))

You can understand that in such a situation we could not help but cry. And my husband and I were crying)))

Ask him to read this report in Zoom for you :) You will be pleased. We did not expect to see how much warmth and love for school he expressed, knowing that none of you would even see this))

This is great!
You are all so great!


- Damir we are so proud of you!

- Mom, it's funny, but I can recognize everyone in me. Manolis, Maria, Christin, Gina and all the rest)


With love and gratitude,

Family (happy and proud family))

William & Loreline Pershke

October 2020

We found ourselves in Chania looking for schooling for our 4 and 9 year old girls. After experiencing the education system in Geneva Switzerland and Miami USA, we found Theodoropoulos School met and exceeded our expectations. The organisation at the school was impressive - communication was excellent and everything ran to schedule - especially the critical school bus. Above all the staff have been fantastic: professional, knowledgable, courteous, flexible, and caring. We knew it was the right choice for us when after the first day of school they came back happy. Unreservedly recommended!

Becky Anger

November 2018

Dear Mr. Theodoropoulos,
My husband has received a job offer and we are moving to a base in Japan. Nathan, Isaac, Rachel, and Leah Anger are enrolled in your school. We have been here for 4 years and have been very thankful for everything you have done for our children over the years. The children’s last day of school will be November 7th, 2018. We will miss this school, thank you again for everything you have done for us. Becky Anger

Rob and Sara Genaro

October 2018

I wanted to let you know that we truly enjoyed your school during our time there. Now that we’re back for one school term I felt it important to provide you some feedback on how the kids have done.
The Pulic Schools are good from Kindergarten to fifth, but the middle schools are over crowded and don’t lend the attention kids truly need so I put Yonas into a more challenging school. He attended a private preparatory school and has blossomed there. Yonas made the Principals List with all As! His lowest grade was 96 in his Algebra class.
As for Makayla, she struggled a little, but with my total attention she was able to quickly fix and start making As and high Bs which is what she got on her report card.
I wanted to inform you that, although the teachers overall are stretched they did a phenomenal job with our kids.
I hope in the future that the international side grows and kids can flourish with what you’re doing there. Again, I want you to know your teachers did a great job and you should be proud of them.
Rob and Sara Genaro

Becky Anger

October 2018

Dear Mr. Theodoropoulos,
My husband has received a job offer and we are moving to a base in Japan. Nathan, Isaac, Rachel, and Leah Anger are enrolled in your school. We have been here for 4 years and have been very thankful for everything you have done for our children over the years. The children’s last day of school will be November 7th, 2018. We will miss this school, thank you again for everything you have done for us. Becky Anger

Matt Dambacher

June 2018

Good Afternoon! Hope the rest of the semester was awesome. Layla sure missed Theo and all her classmatesThank you.
Matt Dambacher

Alicja Hatzakis

June 2018

We are pleased with our decision to send our son to Theodoropoulou School versus a public school. Our son has been attending this school for years and will continue to.
We attribute our son’s academic achievements and social development to the efforts of the teachers, curriculum, and school environment.
Finishing strongly every school year is what we parents aim at for our son and he delivers it. Doing well on the Calvert Placement Test, which determines readiness for the next grade demonstrates his advancing learning progress.
There is a genuine connection between the teachers and students as the classes are small, which allows giving a lot of attention to each student and enhancing “knowledge of individual students’ skills (KISS).
I would like to add that every 45 minutes students can play soccer, basketball and other sports which is a big plus for a child who is full of energy and loves sports. Recess is fun here at Theodoropoulou School.
It is summer break as I am writing this review, and my son says often how much he misses school. Happy school, happy student!
Thank you.
Alicja Hatzakis

Ertürk AVCI

June 2018

I am writing to you today, to thank you, and additionally to the teacher of İlke, Ms Reveka, for a great and excellent class this year, academically, administratively, and socially, as the first year in here, for İlke and for us.
It’s been a joy to watch her flourish as she has. The school environment you’ve created has been exactly what she’s needed, not only to admin and teach in a different way to make her interested in learning, but also to understand any problems and help to find a best way to solve.
The social events throughout the year were also interesting and friendly, not only for İlke, but also for us, as parent & guardians.
Ertürk AVCI

Andrea Cichy

May 2018

Dear Mrs. Tsoupaki,
It has been over half a year now, that we had to leave Theodoropoulos International School. When we arrived back in 2011 (in 5th grade), Arture has already had experiences with 2 different German schools plus an International School in Sri Lanka. From the start I knew he was in good hands–both socially and academically. The curriculum was covered thoroughly which made it possible for Arture to continue his educational career even faster than expected, since he could skip one class and enter the Program for the IB Diploma here in Berlin right away.
I also want to emphasize on another educational matter which was remarkable in your school: the attitude towards learning mediated between teacher and student in such an open-minded way. Arture’s class teacher for many years, Mr. Manolis Andreadakis, constantly motivated his young students to think out of the box and as human beings in a protected environment. Teamwork was based on common sense and not only on superficial rules. That was one reason that made the kids eager to learn. Another essential point was, and here my deep thanks to You, Mrs. Tsoupaki: all of this could only happen with a strong and stable center and spirit!! Your versatile and capable guiding hand was creating space for growth into individual responsibility–prepared for future tasks.
Thank you,
Andrea Cichy
Regards to Mr. Theodoropoulos.

Gabriela Porto

January 11, 2018

Dear Mrs Tsoupaki,
How are you? I wish you a great 2018.
I’ m writing to thank all the attention to my kids. They had a wonderful time at your school.
I felt they improved their social skills and also their knowledge on the subjects which were integrated to their future necessities.
In particular, I was impressed to what they were teaching in Sciences, making kids think like scientists. As you know, I’ m an university professor and it was very pleasant to see them studying such things I teach to my university students. This is such a start in their minds, so they will grow seeing these scientific issues as a normal thing. So to me the school is updated showing this when it worries to what is happening to Science nowadays.
Of course, it was not only Science great, Math, History, Greek and English made them work very hard.
I would like also to make a special comment on the way the teachers gave attention to them, regarding their difficulties individually. And my both kids felt this was a great difference from what they were used to back at our country.
Also they were integrated in extra activities that they enjoyed a lot.
Definitely they are different kids thank to you all. This experience they will carry for a lifetime. We all regret that it could last more.
Thank very much from the bottom of my heart.
Gabriela Porto

George Sgouros

November 29, 2017

Dear Chara,
Thank you very much for the timely response. Please advise when the letters are mailed, so that we can track them from this end.
Feel free to mention to Mr. Kostas and to the parents of the other international students in the PTA ( you can attach this note as you see fit since I promised them some feedback) that our children had no trouble adjusting to the eight grade of one of the most demanding private schools in Houston. In the first trimester they both received all As and one B+.
I attribute this to the quality of your curriculum and teaching but also to the small class sizes which affords extra teacher attention to the students. Of course there are some socialization downsides with small classes but they can be addressed with extra activities.
Best Regards,
George Sgouros

Rabia & Ibrahim SEN

To Theodoropoulos School ,

It was a great experience for us last year to have the opportunity being a member of Theodoropoulos School. It was our pleasure to have good cooperation, satisfactory assistance and excellent education that your school has provided. And we are honoured to offer our sincere thanks to you.
When we arrived at Chania for the first time last year, our greatest worry was to find a good school for our daughter Melek where she could get a good education.
At the very beginning, Melek did not speak the language, she was afraid to go to a school in a new abroad place. But she loved her school, her teachers and her friends from the first day. At first she used the body language to explain herself and then with the assistance you provided she demonstrated great progress and she was able to achieve lessons and communicate with her friends in a short period, like two months. She enjoyed the lessons, she played games, and finally she was well satisfied with the school. She did not want to come home and wanted to stay in school all day long and she came home every day very happy.
And as parents, we were also very satisfied about the school, about the administration who were always polite and helpful to us in all circumstances, about all the teachers who supported Melek well. We got everything that we expected from a school. We are very happy to mention that; Theodoropoulos School is a big enjoyful, productive, fruitful family and being a member of that family made us very pleasant.
Melek misses her school and her friends, and she is looking forward to come to Chania and visit them again. We will always keep contact with you all and never will forget you…
Thanks very much for all your efforts!

Rabia & Ibrahim SEN

Isabel – Bruce Reeves

Nio Chorio, Chania
02 September 2015

Dear Kosta,
As you know, Ria will be leaving Theodoropoulos School this year to pursue her further education in Germany. We would like to offer our sincere thanks for the many years of excellent education and assistance your school has provided. Ria started at Theodoropoulos in nursery school and this year makes a total of eight years she has attended and benefited from your services. Over the years we can not think of a single incident or situation that has been in any way disturbing or sub-standard. All of her teachers have been excellent and highly professional, the environment continues to be superb, the administration very efficient and always helpful, and we are totally pleased with every aspect of her education at Theodoropoulos.
We have no doubt that Ria will miss her classmates and friends at school here and will want to visit during her term breaks. We all look forward to maintaining our contact with you, your staff, and of course her classmates.
Thank you again for everything!
Isabel & Bruce Reeves