Food and Beverages / Snacks

On our premises, there is a cafeteria, which is open during all recesses and offers various snacks. Prices range from €0 .50 to € 1.80. However, please feel free to pack a healthy snack for your child The kitchen staff makes a morning snack available to students during the first recess at 09:45 which consists of milk and cake or fruit, or bread and butter or cookies. A hot meal is served at the school cafeteria daily at 13:30. The daily menu varies and is tended by a nutritionist and prepared by the well trained staff in keeping with the regulations of hygiene. Both the morning snack and lunch are complimentary to our International students.

Transportation / Mileage

The school is making a concentrated effort to provide as many families as possible with our school bus service. However, the remotest areas may not be serviced. If you do not wish to use the school bus, parents may drop off their children (At least 10 minutes before classes begin.).

Private Vehicles

Parents who choose to bring their children to school by private vehicles will be asked by the entrance security to drive very slowly and carefully while on school grounds and to observe the various no-parking signs. Please do not park anywhere in the school driveway or where there is a no parking sign.