Summer Youth Camp

Our schools continue their pedagogical and educational work during the summer months (June-July), following the end of classes (June 17th). The summer athletic and educational programs, which are aimed for students aged from 6-13 years old, are under the program titled “Athlopaideia 2024”. Our goal is to encourage our students to get involved in athletic activities and the development of their creative skills.
Therefore, the children being in a safe and familiar environment will:

  • Creatively make good use of their free time
  • Learn through play and creations
  • Take part in their favorite sports
  • Develop their team spirit and social skills

The program includes athletic activities such as swimming, football, basketball, volleyball as well as pedagogical activities via the Art and the Computer Science & Robotics. Once a week an excursion to a nearby school location takes place.

Zones :
  • A. 08:15-14:30 (includes lunch)
  • B. 10:00-14:30 (includes lunch)
  • C. 14:30–16:00 (extension to zones A or B)

Cost per activity and per week:
  • A. 110,00 euros
  • B. 100,00 euros
  • C. 20,00 euros if the child stays until 16:00 (with extended activities)
    30,00 euros for use of school bus transportation

Weekly Periods of activities:
  • 1st week 17/6 to 21/6
  • 2nd week 24/6 to 28/6
  • 3rd week 01/7 to 05/7
  • 4th week 8/7 to 12/7
  • 5th week 15/7 to 19/7
  • 6th week 22/7 to 26/7

In order to register we need :
  • Application form
  • Health certificate
  • 1 photo