Our staff has been educated in colleges and universities in the U.S.A. or in other English speaking countries. They demonstrate a strong understanding of American-style curriculum and instructional practices. Staff members and administrators possess the qualifications of education, experience, and commitment that contribute to effective learning.

Consultant's Office

The Department of Consultant’s Office is a pioneering sector of our school. It is aimed not only to help students but also to give any advice requested by the parents. It helps students with learning difficulties, cooperation, or behavioral problems. It offers its consultancy in addressing any problem that arises with the close cooperation of the school staff and parents.

School Nurse

The school clinic is run by a well-qualified nurse, who will give first-aid and basic medical care to all students and staff. If your child requires any medication, please contact the school nurse, otherwise no medication will be administered by the nurse or any other staff member.

In June 2012, our school satisfied the requirements for the Greek Health and Safety Inspection for the high quality services we provide.