Our purpose is to provide a first-class education, fostering abilities both in the field of academic and general education, and in sporting activities and the performing arts. It is the school’s intention to educate the whole person in the hope of developing responsible citizens of the world of good character.


Our school possesses a challenging academic curriculum through which children are inspired to develop open and inquiring minds, and a rich extra-curricular program in which every child is encouraged to participate. Each pupil is treated as an individual and cared for within a supportive environment where both teachers and fellow pupils feel the responsibility for others’ general welfare, and where service to the community at large is considered essential.


We aim to establish an orderly and purposeful atmosphere in which children and teachers develop, quite naturally, friendly and mutually respectful relationships. School rules are designed to maintain the welfare of the children and are kept to a minimum. They are, however, insisted upon and serious or persistent breaches of them will be reported to parents. Elementary rules are explained to all students at the beginning of the year, both in a school-wide assembly and in individual classes. Periodic reminders of the rules are made both in monthly assemblies and in individual classes, as needed. Small squabbles among the children should be dealt with themselves.


Our school is located in Korakies in the area of Akrotiri, on the 5th km of the national road ( Chania-Airport), and on a lot of 16.000 square meters
The school’s 7 buildings, already cover 3.000 square meters with the anticipation to expand to 11 buildings.
Its Bioclimatic architecture, antiseismic structure and respect to the environment, our school facilitates all stages (grades) each and every one in autonomous buildings.
Our premises facilitate:

  • Laboratory: in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Technology, Computers.
  • Art – Music
  • Homework club class, e book library and smart board classes.
  • Indoor gymnasium.
  • Outdoor football pitch ( 5X5 ), volleyball, Basketball, and tennis courts.
  • There are 2 heated swimming pools ( one for the little students and one 25 meters long, for the higher graders.
  • Restaurant / cafeteria
  • The computer lab is equipped with updated computers and is upgraded almost every year.

Our students’ access to the internet is monitored with the latest devices and filters the sites (untangle and open DNS) as well as (skype, MSN etc.)
Since 2011, we have been using the GoogleApps for education (e-mail, Google Docs)
In the computers lab an operating system and open-source software, so an Ubuntu LTSP Server has been installed.
Finally in our school, there are 2 ADSL of 8 MBps are available (the fastest in the region) and it covers the whole premises.
Last but not least, we also use the Software for remote control (teamviewer) for virtualization ( XenServer and VMWare for VPNs.
Wi-fi Access Points, FreeNas and Windows fileservers, Windows Application Servers, and Fax servers are all part and parcel in our premises.

Rules for the Students

Rules to be followed by all the students:

  1. Do not throw anything anywhere around school – stones, sticks, sand, etc.
  2. Put your trash in the garbage cans.
  3. Use proper language at all times.
  4. Respect the property of others.
  5. Stay within the playground limits.
  6. Always flush the toilet after use and wash your hands.
  7. During recess students are required to play outside the building if it is not raining.



The Bridgeway Curriculum will be used and followed. As for the Modern Greek (elective subject), we concentrate mainly on everyday speaking skills. Homework assignments are limited, since most of the work is done in class. There is also regular interaction between the International students and their Greek peers in the Greek school, in the form of field trips, projects and electives (P.E., Art, Music, Computers).


A great deal of consideration is given to the question of homework. Having spent more than six hours at school, reading, writing and working on other core subjects, we believe that our children should not have to spend too much time on further study once they get home.
Homework on regular basis is good training for self-discipline in future studies. Sometimes there is work to finish off; other times homework will reinforce a lesson covered during the day. Best of all, there is always reading! Parents should take the time to read to their children and allow the child to read back the reading material. We believe that reading should always be treated as a pleasure.
Homework should be done in an area without distractions – no background noise like television or family conversations. Some parents prefer to supervise this time, but we ask that they allow the children to make their own mistakes as the teacher needs to know exactly how much of the lesson has been understood.


All pupils in grades K – 6 are required to wear the school uniform which costs approximately €40.00- €45.00. Please ask the Main Office for the locations of the school uniform retailor.

Cultural Events

Students are encouraged to attend a variety of art exhibitions and theatrical performances throughout the academic year. In addition, the proximity of the school to the center of Chania provides many opportunities for cultural appreciation. A visit to the historical ruins and museums of the city are part of the curriculum. Educational trips will also be enjoyed in order to enhance any material learned in class. In addition, spontaneous field trips may also take place. A permission slip will be provided.

Student Attendance

It is important that students be in attendance every day and arrive at school on time. If a student is to be absent for the day, please contact the Director of the Department, Mrs Τheodoropoulou Gina via email, or by calling at school. Students are responsible for any and all schoolwork assignments missed during their absences. We strongly discourage students being taken out of the classroom before the school day is over.


International Language School, which is a part of Theodoropoulos School, is a non-DoD affiliated school. International students are eligible to study abroad. The curriculum used is accredited and recognized globally.