The aim of our school is to create a secure and happy environment in which the children may develop their individual capabilities as fully as possible. Particular attention is paid to the steady growth of intellectual skills, aesthetic awareness, physical education and upright moral and social attitudes. We believe that under these circumstances we offer our pupils an excellent opportunity to grow up with a full understanding of the need to work hard to develop their own potential at the same time as learning how to adapt to the diversity of the world around them by engendering and developing an understanding and love for Greece and Greek ideals.


Our purpose is to provide a first-class education, fostering abilities both in the field of academic and general education, and in sporting activities and the performing arts. It is the school’s intention to educate the whole person in the hope of developing responsible citizens of the world of good character.


Our school possesses a challenging academic curriculum through which children are inspired to develop open and inquiring minds, and a rich extra-curricular program in which every child is encouraged to participate. Each pupil is treated as an individual and cared for within a supportive environment where both teachers and fellow pupils feel the responsibility for others' general welfare, and where service to the community at large is considered essential. Our school does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, gender or national origin in the administration of its policies and programs.


We aim to establish an orderly and purposeful atmosphere in which children and teachers develop friendly and mutually respectful relationships in a natural way. School rules are designed to maintain the welfare of the children and are kept to a minimum. They are, however, insisted upon and serious or persistent breaches will be reported to parents. Elementary rules are explained to all students at the beginning of the year, both in a school- wide assembly and in individual classes. Periodic reminders of the rules are made both in monthly assemblies and in individual classes, as needed. Small squabbles amongst the children should be dealt with themselves.

School and class size

The size of the International School fluctuates since it draws from the International community in Chania. In any case the excellent teacher-to-student ratio makes it beneficial for the students’ learning.


Our staff has been educated in colleges and universities in the U.S.A. or in other English speaking countries. They demonstrate a strong understanding of American-style curriculum and instructional practices. Staff members and administrators possess the qualifications of education, experience, and commitment that contribute to effective learning.

Rules for the Students

Rules to be followed by all the students:

  • 1. They must be on the school grounds before the first bell.
  • 2. They must respond consistently and responsibly to the assigned tasks for home.
  • 3. They must attend lessons without disturbing the teaching process.
  • 4. They must leave the classrooms during breaks.
  • 5. They must not harass the classrooms where teaching is carried out.
  • 6. During recess students are required to stay and play outside the building if it is not raining.
  • 7. They must stay within the predesigned playground areas.
  • 8. They must respect the property of others.
  • 9. They are not allowed to have in their possession MOBILE PHONES, as well as any other electronic device or game that has an image and sound processing system within the school premises. If the student has a phone with him/her it must be switched off all day long. If he/she needs to call his/her parents he/she can use the school phone. In a case he/ she is found using it, the phone will be confiscated and given back at the end of the day. If this happens repeatedly then the phone will be handed only to the parent.
  • 10. They do not leave the school premises without an escort. They can leave the school premises only with the consent of their parent or guardian. They are received only by the parents/guardians and the persons who have been declared in the student's enrolment application at the admissions office.
  • 11. They rmust espect the aesthetics of the space, keep it clean and do not cause damage.
  • 12. They must follow the suggestions of all teachers both within the school premises and on school trips and walks.
  • 13. They must behave with kindness and respect towards all persons working in the school and express themselves with decency. They do not use words and expressions that do not fit the student ethos and offend human dignity by leading to phenomena of intimidation (verbal, physical, cyberbullying).
  • 14. They must make sure that their appearance is decent. Shorts shirts and dresses should be of a certain length. The students should be able to hold their arms straight down their side. The bottom of shirts, skirt ot shorts should be below (longer than) the extended arm. Coverage from collar bone to thigh is strongly requested!
  • 15. They must inform their parents or guardians of the verbal announcements made to them.
  • 16. They must comply with the health protocols that will be determined to be in force during the school year.
  • 17. They must not throw anything anywhere around school – stones, sticks, sand, etc.
  • 18. They must put their trash in the garbage cans.
  • 19. They must use proper language at all times.


The Bridgeway Curriculum, is currently being used and followed. As for the Modern Greek (elective subject), it is approached as a foreign language. The curriculum includes the development of all communication skills (writing, reading, listening comprehension, speaking). It is possible to choose to participate in level certification exams in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for Language Learning. There is also regular interaction between the International students and their Greek peers in the Greek school, in the form of field trips, projects and certain electives.


A great deal of consideration is given to the question of homework. Homework on regular basis is good training for self-discipline in future studies. Sometimes there is work to finish off; other times homework will reinforce a lesson covered during the day. Best of all, there is always reading! Parents should take the time to read to their children and allow the child to read the reading material back. We believe that reading should always be treated as a pleasure. Homework should be done in an area without distractions – no background noise like television or family conversations. Some parents prefer to supervise this time, but we ask that they allow the children to make their own mistakes as the teacher needs to know exactly how much of the lesson has been understood.


All pupils in grades K - 6 are required to wear the school uniform, which consists of a shirt with the school stamp on top and black or blue trousers or skirt on the bottom. Please ask the Admissions Office for the location of the school uniform retailer. Children may also wear whatever footwear they wish. Comfortable shoes with a good grip, such as sneakers are recommended to facilitate running and playing during recess. For the PE class, workout pants and sneakers are required.

Cultural Events– Field Trips

Students are encouraged to attend a variety of art exhibitions and theatrical performances throughout the academic year. In addition, the proximity of the school to the center of Chania provides many opportunities for cultural appreciation. A visit to the historical ruins and museums of the city are part of the curriculum. Educational trips will also be undertaken in order to enhance any material learned in class. In addition, spontaneous field trips may also take place. These Educational – Cultural field trips and visits, which are organized during the school year, are strictly for students – teachers. In case there is a visit in which the parents can participate, we will notify them well in advance and their participation will be more than welcome.

Friday Afternoon Club

Since integration is an integral part of our students’ education, on Friday afternoons, the school provides extra curriculum activities for both International and Greek students. These consist of arts and crafts, dancing, sports, gardening, robotics and various other activities. The final options and dates for the Friday afternoon classes are announced as soon as the program comes out.

Student Attendance

It is important that students be in attendance every day and arrive at school on time, before the bell rings. Students can have up to 20 excused absences per year. Once they go over that number, they will be labeled as a chronic absentee. If a student is to be absent for the day, please contact the Director of Studies or the secretary’s office. Students are responsible for any and all schoolwork assignments missed during their absences. We strongly discourage students being taken out of the classroom before the school day is over.

Consultant’s Office

The Department of Consultant’s Office is a pioneering sector of our school. It is aimed not only to help students but also to give any advice requested by the parents. It helps students with learning difficulties, cooperation, or behavioral problems. It offers its consultancy in addressing any problem that arises with the close cooperation of the school staff and parents.

Channels of Communication

In the event a parent has a concern, the following procedures should be followed. If the matter concerns a specific class or individual teacher, the parent should contact the teacher directly in order to resolve any issues. If no solution is found in this way, the parent and teacher should meet with the director, Mrs. Gina Theodoropoulou to see if a solution can be found.


We make every effort to keep the classroom away from any disturbances so that every student can maximize their learning experience. Serious work is done in the classroom, and students need as little distractions as possible to grow as young learners. For that reason, visitors are not allowed into any classroom unless they have a Visitor’s Pass or have made prior arrangements with the teacher or principal.

Food and Beverages/Snacks

On our premises, there is a cafeteria, which is open during all recesses and offers various snacks. Prices range from €0 .50 to € 1.80. However, please feel free to pack a healthy snack for your child The kitchen staff makes a morning snack available to students during the first recess at 09:45 which consists of milk and cake or fruit, or bread and butter or cookies. A hot meal is served at the school cafeteria daily at 13:30. The daily menu varies and is tended by a nutritionist and prepared by the well trained staff in keeping with the regulations of hygiene. Both the morning snack and lunch are complimentary to our International students.


The school is making a concentrated effort to provide as many families as possible with our school bus service. However, the remotest areas may not be serviced. If you do not wish to use the school bus, parents may drop off their children (At least 10 minutes before classes begin).

Private Vehicles

Parents who choose to bring their children to school by private vehicles will be asked by the entrance security to drive very slowly and carefully while on school grounds and to observe the various no-parking signs. Please do not park anywhere in the school driveway or where there is a no parking sign.

Emergency Procedures

1. Accidents / Illness
All precautionary measures concerning COVID-19, according to the Greek legislation, have been taken. In all cases of accidents or illnesses, parents will be informed by telephone immediately. For this reason, it is important that parents provide the school with emergency phone numbers. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, parents may be asked to come to school to pick up their child. If a situation requires immediate medical attention, the student may have to be taken to the local public hospital, a 20-minute drive away. In such cases, parents will be expected to cover all medical expenses.

2. Emergency EvacuationAll teachers are given detailed instructions as to what to do in the event of an earthquake, fire, or any other emergency. At least, one earthquake drill and/or fire drill are planned each year. In the event of a fire, the same evacuation routes will be followed as in the case of an earthquake. An additional procedure is followed in the rare event of any other threat to the school during which the students are asked to assemble in an orderly fashion to exit the 7 buildings as safely as possible. In such cases, the local security authorities are also called in to inspect and secure the premise.

School Nurse

The school clinic is run by a well-qualified nurse, who will give first-aid and basic medical care to all students and staff. If your child requires any medication, please contact the school nurse, otherwise no medication will be administered by the nurse or any other staff member. In June 2012, our school satisfied the requirements for the Greek Health and Safety Inspection for the high quality services we provide.


International Language School, which is a part of Theodoropoulos School S.A., is a non-DoD affiliated school. International students are eligible to study abroad. The curriculum used is Bridgeway Academy which is a fully accredited Pre-K to 12th grade academy enrolling students from across the United States and around the world. It is designated as an accredited non-public, non-licensed school (grades pre-K through 12) in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition, Bridgeway Academy has met the criteria for educational quality established by the Cognia Global Commission and is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, the Northwest Accreditation Commission, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. Bridgeway Academy (K-12) is also accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges

School hours

School begins at 08:15 and ends at 14:20.
Secretariat: Ms Katerina Fatziki
Tel: +30 2821066999 E-mail: [email protected]
Director of Studies: Ms Gina Theodoropoulou
Tel: +30 2821066999 E-mail: [email protected]
Monday to Friday, from 9:00 – 16:00.