During the first week of December, we held our first ever career week and hope to make it an annual event.
We started the week by visiting a few businesses- a vet clinic and the local TV station which has a radio station as well. The kids got to see what jobs the people do at these places and we even got see a program being broadcasted as well as the vet performing surgery.
The second day we had speakers from different careers speak to the children about their job and kids were encouraged to ask questions to learn more about each field. These people included firefighters, an NCIS agent, a therapist, a game developer, a photographer/reporter and a professional singer who actual sang a song for us! They were all very informative and forthcoming with what they do and welcomed all questions from us. It was very kind of them to take time out of their busy days to come and speak to us.
On the final day the kids presented what they were interested in and did a bit of research, wrote a short paper, and presented in to their peers. They were also asked questions on what they had chosen.
Overall it was a success and it was a good opportunity for the kids to learn about different things they can do in the future. It gives them motivation and maybe leads them to set goals and strive to accomplish what they set out to do.
Thank you to everyone who helped set this up and a special thank you to Ms. Andi for suggesting the idea and arranging many of the speakers.

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