Our school is located in Korakies in the area of Akrotiri, on the 5th km of the national road ( Chania-Airport), and on a lot of 16.000 square meters

The school’s 7 buildings, already cover 3.000 square meters with the anticipation to expand to 11 buildings.

Its Bioclimatic architecture, antiseismic structure and respect to the environment, our school facilitates all stages (grades) each and every one in autonomous buildings.

Our premises facilitate:

  • Laboratory: in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Technology, Computers.
  • Art – Music
  • Homework club class, e book library and smart board classes.
  • Indoor gymnasium
  • Outdoor football pitch ( 5X5 ), volleyball, Basketball, and tennis courts.
  • There are 2 heated swimming pools ( one for the little students and one 25 meters long, for the higher graders.
  • Restaurant / cafeteria
  • The computer lab is equipped with updated computers and is upgraded almost every year.

Our students’ access to the internet is monitored with the latest devices and filters the sites (untangle and open DNS) as well as (skype, MSN etc.)

Sine 2011, we have been using the GoogleApps for education (e-mail, Google Docs)

In the computers lab an operating system and open-source software, so an Ubuntu LTSP Server has been installed.

Finally in our school, there are 2 ADSL of 8 MBps are available (the fastest in the region) and it covers the whole premises.

Last but not least, we also use the Software for remote control (teamviewer) for virtualization ( XenServer and VMWare for VPNs.

Wi-fi Access Points, FreeNas and Windows fileservers, Windows Application Servers, and Fax servers are all part and parcel in our premises.